Project Highlight CO-6180: CE-C250 CNG Compressor Package - Plattsmouth, NE

Scope & PurposeCobey CO-6180 CNG CE-C250 Compressor Package Site Installation
CE-C250 CNG compressor:
  • Used to deliver high pressure natural gas for use as a vehicular fuel
  • 200 Hp electric driven motor
  • Capable of 474 scfm (3.8 GGE/min.) @ 50 psig inlet pressure
  • Compresses natural gas from utility pipeline pressure to 4,500 psig
  • GE H302 high speed reciprocating compressor
  • NFPA 52-2013 compliant
  • Self contained operation with automatic start/stop
  • Remote monitoring ready control panel with touch screen interface
  • Includes Motor Control Center (MCC)

Cobey CO-6180 CNG Compressor Package


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