Cobey Energy CNG Compressors at Tops Markets New Fueling Station

Two more Cobey Energy CNG Compressor Packages are now in service in WNY.  The Tops Markets new private CNG Fueling Station has opened in Lancaster, NY.  Tops has begun replacing all 55 vehicles in their fleet with CNG fueled vehicles making the station one of the largest in New York State.

“This Tops project is going to set the pace for the grocery industry,” ANG CEO Drew West said in his company’s announcement. “The state-of-the-art, heavy-duty CNG fueling station and strategy will save fuel and protect the environment,” he said. “We look forward to a continued partnership distinguished by client satisfaction and operational expertise.”

ANG said it is leasing the property for the CNG station from Tops and ANG owns, operates, and maintains the facility.

ANG cites “an extensive RFP process” for the Tops station and says it was selected based on its “expertise in designing customized, cold weather-reliable systems.

 “These systems feature two points of temperature compensation and top-of-the-line Cobey Energy compressors” – for which ANG is the exclusive distributor.
The twin 400-horsepower Cobey compressors at the new private station have a combined output of approximately 2400 SCFM (17 GGE/gasoline gallon equivalents), ANG says, and as such “will meet the high-flow needed for the narrow time windows Tops’ class 8 tractors have to fuel up.”

Tops is expected to use a minimum of 1.2 million diesel gallon equivalents of CNG per year, ANG adds, “making this one of the largest CNG stations in New York state and the country.”  Source: Fleets & Fuels

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