Antonov jet picks up 63-ton Compressor Package

One of the largest cargo planes in the world made a stop in Niagara Falls on Tuesday, March 3rd to pick up the first of three compressor packages manufactured by Cobey built in compliance with the new ISO 10438 (API - 614) standards. The cargo plane, a Russian built Antonov AN-125, was at one time the largest plane in production.

The three Compressor Packages for this job are all set to ship within a couple of months of each other.  Everyone here at Cobey put together a great team effort to make sure the first compressor package shipped on time.  This effort is helping Cobey to reach its 2009 goal of all on-time shipments.  The second compressor package will be picked up on the Antonov's return flight later this month, the third is scheduled for shipment in the next few months.

Great Job to everyone here at Cobey who made this job a success!

Compressor Package during ProductionThe Niagara Falls International Airport and Niagara Fall Airforce base are located only 25 minutes from COBEY’s manufacturing facilities in Western New York. It has one of the few runways large enough to accommodate the Antonov. The proximity of this air field, and the local transportation infrastructure, allowed COBEY the flexibility to make a quick shipment to an eager customer in Abu Dhabi.

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