Caterpillar engines grants Cobey with OEM status

In December 2011 Caterpillar Inc. recognized Cobey Inc. with OEM customer status. This partnership allows Cobey to integrate their 25 years of gas compression equipment packaging experience with the known quality and durability of Caterpillar engines. Offering Caterpillar diesel and gas engines compliments Cobey’s relationship with their distributed compression product lines, allowing Cobey to fulfill customer’s unique gas compression requirements.

Cobey is a distributor of Dresser-Rand separable reciprocating compressors, GE Oil & Gas high speed reciprocating compressors, Aerzen screw compressors and Howden screw compressors.

Cobey has proven experience to package your rotating equipment with either a diesel or gas engine. Cobey possesses the experience to custom design a Gen Set to meet your power requirements.

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Reciprocating Compressors

GE Oil Gas

Up to 8850 hp
720 - 1800 rpm


Up to 11,250 hp
850-1800 rpm

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Screw Compressors

Oil Injected
Oil Free

Oil Injected

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