Cobey Energy completes CE-C250 in New Concord, OH

A Cobey Energy client in New Concord, OH had an existing CNG station in operation utilizing three 30 hp compressors and 85,700 cubic feet of storage.  The customer’s site has been well utilized by local fleet operators and is experiencing additional demand that the current compressors could no longer meet.  The three existing compressors were running as much as 17 hours per day and at times only being able to partially fill vehicles due to the high traffic flow through the station.

Cobey Energy was approached to supply a fourth compressor, a Cobey Energy model number CE-C250 capable of 200 hp of gas compression.  This upgrade increases both the station’s capacity and reliability.  The total flow rate of the station is now tripled and assures current and future customers fueling demands are met.  In addition the client purchased a new CE-PFP.75 Fast Fill Priority Fill Panel to direct the gas from the new compressor to the cascade storage array or directly to the fast fill dispenser as required.

Commissioning of the CE-C250 compressor package and CE-PFP.75 Fast Fill Priority Fill Panel were completed in the first weeks of January 2015 in the midst of an arctic blast with temperatures below 0ºF and wind chills -10ºF and lower.  Despite frigid temperatures and integration into an existing site the equipment installation and commissioning went off without a hitch.  Cobey Energy is proud to have made another long term customer.

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