Cobey invests in ASME Pressure vessel capabilities

Cobey - ESAB submerged arc welding machine

Because pressure vessels are an integral part of our core business, Cobey made a strategic decision in 2007 to obtain our Pressure Vessel U and R stamps.

As we expand our business, we have invested in new equipment to help establish Cobey as a world leader in pressure vessel fabrication. In 2011, Cobey installed an ESAB submerged arc welding machine, new heavy duty rolls, and a new 25 ton positioner.

Products include CNG storage spheres, gas/liquid separators, collection pots, pulsation dampeners, lube oil rundown tanks, seal oil over head tanks, and steam accumulators. Materials include carbon steel and stainless steel, thicknesses range from ¼” to 3.5” and vessel diameters range from 6”-48”.


Cobey Pressure Vessel Model     Cobey Pressure Vessel Model

We continue to increase our product offerings and have added in-house experts to perform code calculations and vessel designs as well as estimating. Contact Cobey today to discuss your pressure vessel needs.

Email us at or call us at (716) 362-9550 to start a quote for your equipment.

Located in Buffalo, NY, Cobey Inc. designs and manufactures modular piping packages and auxiliary equipment for the petrochemical, energy, oil & gas, and air separation industries. Engineered products such as lube oil consoles, dry gas seal panels, rundown tanks and rotating equipment packages are custom designed in accordance with customer specifications and applicable ISO/API standards.

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