Cobey Energy Completes First CNG Filling Station

BUFFALO, New York September 17, 2013 – Buckeye CNG LTD. awarded Cobey Energy a contract to supply CNG filling station equipment for new Millersburg, Ohio site. The contract includes supply of a CE-C50 CNG compressor package, gas dryer, ASME storage spheres, dispenser and card reader.

The CNG station equipment was purchased by Buckeye CNG LTD. Located in Millersburg, OH. The system will be utilized to supply CNG to partner company delivery fleets, forklifts and personal vehicles.

“We’re very excited to have worked with Buckeye CNG LTD. Buckeye CNG is ahead of the curve in adopting Natural Gas as a viable, cost effective alternative fuel to meet their energy needs. This project highlights the effective use of Ohio’s energy resources spurred from development and utilization of our shale plays.” said Craig Jackson, Business Development Manager for Cobey Energy.

All equipment was delivered to site on Monday morning, by Wednesday afternoon the mechanical and electrical connections were completed. On Friday morning the site was fully commissioned and operation turned over to Buckeye CNG, LTD. Cobey Energy worked closely with Buckeye CNG’s contractors to assure an expedited installation and commissioning of less than 5 days.

Cobey headquartered in Buffalo, NY and established in 1987 is a premier packager of gas compression systems. In 2012 Cobey introduced the Cobey Energy product line of CNG filling station systems including CNG compressor modules, ASME storage spheres, gas dryers, dispensers and card readers. Cobey Energy designs and manufactures key system components such as CNG compressor module and ASME storage spheres in Buffalo, NY.

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