Cobey Energy to supply CNG Compressors to ANG for Tops Markets

Cobey Energy’s authorized New York State distributor American Natural Gas was awarded the contract by Tops Friendly Markets to develop their new CNG fueling station.  The new station will be located at the Tops Distribution Center on 5873 Genesee Street in Lancaster, NY.  Tops’ site is located only 20 miles from Cobey Energy’s manufacturing, assembly and test facilities located in Buffalo, NY.

Cobey Energy CNG Compressor CADD Model
Cobey Energy 3D CADD Model of a CNG Compressor Package

Tops’ fleet utilizes 1,200,000 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) of CNG per year with narrow time windows to fuel their class 8 tractors.  The station design will utilize two 400 hp CNG compressors designed and manufactured by Cobey Energy with a combined output of 2400 scfm (17 DGE/minute).  To meet the high flow demand requirements of the station a custom high flow priority fill panel was purchased to compliment the output of the two compressor system.  The American Natural Gas / Tops Friendly Markets system will be the largest capacity CNG fueling system in Western New York.

About Cobey Energy

Cobey Inc. headquartered in Buffalo, NY and established in 1987 is a premier packager of gas compression systems.  In 2012 Cobey Inc. released the Cobey Energy product line of CNG fueling station systems including CNG compressor packages, priority fill panels, ASME storage spheres, gas dryers, dispensers and card readers.   Cobey Energy an authorized packager of GE, Cameron and Dresser-Rand reciprocating compressors and manufactures key CNG system components in Buffalo, NY.  To learn more visit
About American Natural Gas, LLC

American Natural Gas, LLC (ANG) is a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels in the Northeast and the surrounding states. ANG designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains natural gas fueling stations for transportation. The mission of ANG is to help America by making natural gas readily available for commercial and public use in vehicles. ANG's team is comprised of industry, legal, construction, engineering and entrepreneurial experts. With more than 20 years of industry experience, ANG will provide the best solution possible to meet and exceed your CNG fueling needs. To learn more visit

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