Next generation of CNG Compression Announced


Cobey Energy has shipped the first Generation 3 CNG compressor package to ANG of Saratoga, NY.  Cobey Energy engineers worked directly with operations personnel and reviewed every design detail with a particular focus on remote monitoring, accessibility and maintainability.  End users shared what they need to have a more reliable, easier to maintain system and we listened.  Our customers’ suggestions were implemented and there was no commercial impact for the customer.
At Cobey Energy we strongly believe in listening to our customers’ feedback and that is exactly what we did on our Generation 3 CNG compression system and priority fill panels.  We kept the same user friendly controls and packed them with more value added features.

  • Enhanced Remote Monitoring
    • Oil consumption rate for cylinder lubricators
    • Dedicated screens and data logging for real time monitoring of auxiliary equipment such as Gas Dryer, Dispenser(s), Priority Fill Panels and Motor Control Center soft starter(s)
    • More efficient priority fill panel sequencing logic
    • Increased user control over compressor operating parameters
  • Improved maintainability
    • LED lighting
    • Lubricator system enhancements
    • Easy access drain valves
    • High visibility analog instrumentation
These items are in addition to Cobey Energy’s industry leading maintenance accessibility to compressor crank case frames, filter elements and other routinely inspected components.
Cobey Energy is proud to be an authorized packager of GE High Speed Reciprocating (HSR) compressors and Caterpillar natural gas engines. We design and manufacture compressor packages, priority fill panels, ASME Div. 2 storage spheres, pressure reduction systems and custom fill posts. Our products are in use at ultra fast fill stations, mother and daughter stations, and trailer loading facilities. Cobey Energy has the expertise to specify, engineer and manufacture your CNG equipment system. Cobey Energy is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company.

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