Video Cobey Equipment at Penn State lowers gas emissions by half

Cobey recently designed and manufactured a Gas Conditioning System to be used in the main fuel supply of the Penn State University Steam Plant Natural Gas Conversion Project.  Penn State is modifying an existing coal-burning steam furnace to burn natural gas which will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50%.

This several-stories tall furnace uses an 8-inch diameter, high pressure pipeline to supply natural gas.  The Gas Conditioning System that Cobey is manufacturing will condition pipeline gas prior to being sent to the furnace.  Steam is created by pumping water through pipes lining the walls of the furnace.   Electricity is generated by using the high-pressure steam to spin an electricity-generating turbine.

Equipment must meet Penn State process standards for gas cleaning, heating, pressure regulation, and emergency shutdown.  Equally important are Industry and Penn State Standards for pipe welding, equipment reliability, and maintenance.

Cobey Gas Conditioning Skid System

Cobey 3-D CADD Model of Penn State Gas Conditioning Skid

Cobey Gas Conditioning Skid Installation Penn State

Cobey Gas Conditioning Skid Installation Penn State

Cobey Gas Conditioning System installation at Penn State Steam Plant.

Video Source:  Penn State University

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