RNG / Biogas

RNG, also commonly referred to as Renewable Natural Gas or Biogas, may be produced from sources such as landfills, food waste or farm waste.  Each of these sources release gas composed primarily of carbon dioxide and methane, but this gas requires additional processing to meet industry standards.   Cobey Energy assists clients with converting their raw biogas into pipeline or transportation quality RNG.  The process to do so requires compression and conditioning to meet industry RNG standards.  Cobey Energy is your preferred partner for gas compression and conditioning equipment.

Cobey Energy’s RNG/biogas equipment includes low pressure blower packages, screw compressor packages and reciprocating compressors.  Our engineers understand the design requirements for compressor packages to handle gasses containing high amounts of sulfur, H2S or moisture.  We partner with industry experts to offer a complete solution which includes the critical step of gas quality upgrading.

Cobey Energy provides clients with RNG/biogas compression systems to collect gas, boost pressure for typical gas upgrading systems and final compression for either pipeline injection, virtual pipeline or use as CNG transportation fuel.


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