CNG Mobile Compression System - The versatility you need

Cobey Energy CE-C250 CNG Tube Trailer filling system
Cobey Energy CE-C250 Tube Trailer filling system

Cobey Energy designs and manufactures mobile systems to meet application specific process requirements.  Mobile systems are self-contained requiring only a single natural gas inlet connection; operators now can easily go where the work is with little site preparation required.  Cobey Energy’s mobile compression systems have versatile operating parameters and are offer the same reliability as pad mounted equipment. 

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  • On site rich gas BTU reduction
  • Mother/daughter CNG stations
  • Virtual pipeline trailer filling
  • High pressure test rigs
  • Temporary CNG station installations
  • Natural Gas Caterpillar engine
  • GE high speed reciprocating compressor
  • Natural gas fueled generator
  • Gas dryers
  • Gas purification
  • On board air compressor
  • Gas metering
  • All mounted on a custom designed 48’ long trailer for easy transport
  • Third Party CSA and CRN registrations as required for location
Cobey Energy is proud to be an authorized packager of GE High Speed Reciprocating (HSR) compressors and Caterpillar natural gas engines. We design and manufacture compressor packages, priority fill panels, ASME Div. 2 storage spheres, pressure reduction systems and custom fill posts. Our products are in use at ultra fast fill stations, mother and daughter stations, and trailer loading facilities. Cobey Energy has the expertise to specify, engineer and manufacture your CNG equipment system. Cobey is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company.

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