CNG Station in Saratoga Springs Open with Cobey Energy Equipment


A new ANG CNG station opened in Saratoga Springs, NY that features Cobey Energy CNG Equipment.  The station is the first between Albany, NY and Montreal, Quebec.  Cobey Energy is honored to be ANG’s selected supplier of high output CNG fueling systems as highlighted in Saratoga, NY

“CNG can transform the transportation industry. But, it takes a network of infrastructure to make it possible, and that’s where we come in,” says Drew West, CEO of ANG. “Having a station in Saratoga Springs is an exciting opportunity for our regional fleets and neighbors interested in switching to a cleaner, more reliable fuel solution.”

“The company says that the station has two cold weather-reliable 200 HP Cobey Energy compressors with two points of temperature compensation.”  Source: NGT News

Please contact Cobey Energy for more details on standard and custom compressor configurations to meet your CNG application requirements or by filling out our contact form.

Cobey Energy designs and manufactures CNG compressor station equipment systems for station developers, end users and specifying engineering firms.  With almost 30 years experience in engineering, design and manufacturing of high pressure compressor packages and auxiliary systems for the Oil & Gas, Petrochem and Power Generation markets, Cobey Energy is well equipped to meet your CNG application requirements.


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