Four CNG Compressor Packages Ready for Shipping


Cobey Energy CNG Compressor Package

Cobey Energy has two pairs of 250hp CNG compressors packages ready to go out the door.  Model CE-C340 compressor packages include Cobey Energy’s 1” Priority Fill Panel (CE-PFP1.0) and a Motor Control Center (MCC).

But these compressors are not for sale as excess inventory, they are designed to meet the end users specific site inlet pressure conditions and desired flow rates to meet their fleet customers’ fast fill, high flow demands.  When purchasing your next CNG compressor package consider the benefits of custom configured designs. 
  • Designed to your site’s available inlet pressure and your customers’ fueling needs
  • Higher efficiency = lower electrical consumption
  • Right sized = lower equipment capital cost and lower installation costs
  • Optional Caterpillar natural gas engines = no more demand charges and big monthly operating savings!

Cobey Energy CNG Compressor Package

Buying a pre-configured, stock CNG compressor package is like buying the wrong shoe size at the blowout clearance sale.  Neither are going to perform well and you will regret the decision with every step.

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